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Thanksgiving Break - Closed

Monday 11/23/20 - Sunday 11/29/20


Winter Break - Closed

Monday 12/21/20 - Friday 1/1/21


Spring Recital - TBA



Small Group Programs


Musical Ladder System


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Student of the Month

Beginner Group Programs

We are excited to announce that we are finally starting our small group Guitar and Piano programs back up again! We will continue to practice social distancing and follow all of our safety protocols to ensure the wellbeing of everyone in the group. There will be a maximum of 4 kids per class so sign up while you can while there is still space!


Also, starting this November our 5 week exploratory Music 101 class kicks off as well. This will give your child the opportunity to branch out and try 4+ different instruments to find one that suits them best!


Your student receives a free rental instrument every week for every instrument they try out too! It's great for families who understand the importance of getting your student started in music but not sure where to begin.


If you have any questions about group lessons or what group might be the best fit for your child, feel free to contact us for more details anytime.

Congratulations Mina!

Mina is Santee Music Academy’s new Student of the Month for October! Mina has only been taking lessons here since July of this year! She plays the guitar and some piano too! Mina likes a variety of different music like rock ‘n roll, electronica, new wave, and different soundtracks! Her favorite artists include Ghost and Depeche Mode. When she’s not practicing hard with her guitar or piano, she likes to roller skate, go hiking with her family, play video games, and read and watch different Japanese anime. Her favorite food is also Japanese food! Mina says that the coolest thing she’s learned in the last three months is learning how to play some songs she likes! Mina has shown a great amount of growth and dedication just since starting lessons this past July, and even starting in the midst of this crazy year, we are so glad to be a part of her growth in music! We’re grateful to have her as a part of Santee Music Academy!


Congratulations to All of Our Students Who Passed Their Musical Ladder Tests!


     -Alexis M.

     -Kodi D.

     -Brooklynn M.

     -Hailey R.

     -Ava R.

     -Daniela S.

     -Mia S.

     -Hannah S.

     -Zoe R.

     -Ariel C.

     -Devin C.

     -Layla D.

     -Delaney F.

     -Jac C.

     -Alex C.

     -Lana P.

     -Lelani A.

     -Santiago P.

IMG-0024 (1).jpg

Kodi Dwyer - Apprentice Level Piano

IMG-0032 (1).JPG

Mia Soverns - Apprentice Level Ukulele

IMG-0023 (1).jpg
image0 (1).jpeg

Kevin White - Apprentice Level Drums

The Ruiz-Ade Family - Gregory and Zoe - Apprentice Level Guitar

Welcome to Our New October Students

Mia M.


Romi H.


Cameron P.


Isabelle P.


Myles P.


David H.


Jayson S.


Kelly K.


Alexis G.


Jackson G.


Salina B.


Ameen B.


Aubrey S.


Brycen C.


Priscilla U.

Micah H.


Beau T.


Hunter T.


Stanley P.


Wyatt P.


Nathanel S.


Delilah T.


Raymond M.


Skylar S.


Adriana B.


Hudson B.


Veronica S.


Lily E.


Linh P.


We offer lessons in piano, guitar, drums, voice, violin, bass, ukulele, and more band and orchestra instruments for ages 4 and up. Call, text, or email us today to set up lessons for yourself or a fellow music lover!




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